Jobs-to-be-Done: Your Go-to for Product Management and Strategy

Customer-centricity is everywhere in the business vocabulary, perhaps one of the most used buzzwords mentioned in elevator pitches and executive decks. Are we really customer-centric? What does that actually mean? Our success as Product people lies to a great extent on how well we understand the not-so-obvious patterns in the customer intent and behavior. That...

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) – Measure What Matters

Organizational goal-setting, tracking, and measurement is one of the most challenging yet critical factors for a company's success. There are many methodologies available that delve into this topic from various angles. If you are serious, the OKRs framework is something you should explore, experiment, and tweak for your needs.
11Organizational Decision Making

How to Improve Organizational Decision Making

Decisions, decisions, decisions. We make a ton of them every week, many of them trivial. However, there is a tiny percentage of decisions that determine the next six months or six years. Not all of them are reversible without high costs, which raises the stakes high even further. There is every incentive for us in...

Have You Modernized Your Product Requirements Document (PRD) Yet?

The term PRD —Product Requirement Document— has gone out of favor for a while now. The waterfall approach to solution delivery and its usage of the PRD has a lot of drawbacks. But did we dump the good along with the bad? Let's explore.


Crawl, walk, run, and fly. First-things-first. As a product manager learn and internalize the product strategy. Avoid these pitfalls, though.
Depending on the stage of the company, you will see executive leadership chasing way too many opportunities (at least that’s your impression). Even to an extent, you may feel that you are making little progress: millimeter distances in a million directions. Which is also an indication of stretching too thin. How do you address such...
Stories, story points, acceptance criteria, stand-up, sprint, retrospective … Keep going, you will soon cover several key terms of modern software development. However, you may find that agility as a mindset is missing in this busyness of daily actvity — product development. Another title of this post could have been: ‘Avoid Agile Industrial Complex.’ Mind...
The all-important product discovery phase — don’t skip it. It’s a critical phase before you jump in and build the next great feature. A common mistake while building products is not making an explicit distinction between what you know (empirical) vs. what’s an assumption. As you can imagine, assumptions bite back. Sometimes, irrecoverably. The product...
Elephants don’t bite; it’s the mosquitoes you’ve got to be aware of.Book: The Compounding Effect Small and consistent improvements in your approach deliver big returns. More so, how you do anything is how you do everything. While some may think the suggestions below are common sense, I’m astonished to say they’re not commonplace. 100 percent...
Outcome-based, measurable goals are essential to make a focused effort toward your goals. But, are there prerequisites and ground rules for any goal-setting approach to work? I think, yes. Firstly, from a product manager’s perspective, your three primary objectives are to shape, ship, and align. Shaping the product, shipping the product, and aligning with the...
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