Travails with Strategy Execution


Harvard Business Review has an excellent article on ‘Why strategy execution fails — and what to do about it?”. A two-year-old piece but relevant every bit of it.

An elaborate study of wide audience across several industries (emphasis below is mine) —

Nine years ago one of us (Don) began a large-scale project to understand how complex organizations can execute their strategies more effectively. The research includes more than 40 experiments in which we made changes in companies and measured the impact on execution, along with a survey administered to nearly 8,000 managers in more than 250 companies. The study is ongoing but has already produced valuable insights. The most important one is this: Several widely held beliefs about how to implement strategy are just plain wrong. In this article we debunk five of the most pernicious myths and replace them with a more accurate perspective that will help managers effectively execute strategy.

While you should read the paper in full, here are my sketch notes:

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