11Explore or build
As a product manager, do you explore to build or build to explore? This is an interesting question that I saw on my Twitter feed. Let’s explore this one further. No pun intended! Two extremes: on one end, there is building high fidelity artifacts before knowing the product-market fit. Well, Quibi is one recent example....
11product/market fit research
Time and again we hear from the product companies, more so with Startups, about Product-Market fit. Moreover, many founders and product managers know that they live or die by achieving Product-Market fit. However, many of them go ahead and build their own thing in the hopes something will stick. What is Product-Market Fit? In this...
Slowing down to speed up is a real thing when it comes to strategy execution. Double-clicking on the business value of what we are trying to accomplish clarifies the purpose. It puts us on the path of becoming an outcome-driven organization—value over volume.
Customer-centricity is everywhere in the business vocabulary, perhaps one of the most used buzzwords mentioned in elevator pitches and executive decks. Are we really customer-centric? What does that actually mean? Our success as Product people lies to a great extent on how well we understand the not-so-obvious patterns in the customer intent and behavior. That...
You have a business outcome in mind and started on a venture to build or enhance a product. You can add many features and go in multiple directions. How do you know which ones are the right ones to execute? There are many useful approaches we can explore, but one that’s not an option is...

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