Toast to Adventure and Fellowship — Life Lessons from Jeff Bezos


This discussion between Jeff Bezos and Mark Bezos (Jeff’s brother) is a must-watch in full.

A couple of items that caught my attention

Energy is the Key for the Work-Life Harmony (not Balance)

Work-Life: It’s a wheel. It’s a flywheel. It’s a circle. It’s not a balance.

Jeff Bezos says, for work and life, thinking it concerning a balance implies a strict tradeoff: you have to give up on one side of the equation to make the other side work. Instead, he says that thinking about it as harmony between work and life. Apparently, they are not two different worlds. They spill into each other.
The key is to know whether your work (or personal life, for that matter) is energizing you or sapping your energy. Positive energy boosts every aspect of the experience.
Bezos gives a familiar example to prove the point: imagine a time when someone walks into a meeting room and drives up the quality of the discussion. On the contrary, think of those times when an individual walks in, and the energy deflates in the room.
The question is which one of these individual types you are and aspire to be?

Gifts are Fine, but Choices are Everything

Emphasis below is mine

For me , adventure is — you can choose, we all get to choose our life stories. It’s the choices that define us, not our gifts. Everybody in this room has many gifts. I have many gifts. You can never be proud of your gifts, because they’re gifts. They were given to you. You might be tall, or you might be really good at math, or you might be extremely beautiful, or handsome, or you know there are many gifts and you can only be proud of your choices, because those are the things that you are that you’re acting on, and one of the most important choices that each of us has, and you know this just as well as I do, is you can choose a life of ease and comfort, or you can choose a life of service and adventure. And when you’re 80, which one of those things you’re think you’re going to be more proud of. You’re going to be more proud of having chosen a life of service and adventure

Nothing much to add there, I guess!

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