Crawl, walk, run, and fly. First-things-first. As a product manager learn and internalize the product strategy. Avoid these pitfalls, though.
Depending on the stage of the company, you will see executive leadership chasing way too many opportunities (at least that’s your impression). Even to an extent, you may feel that you are making little progress: millimeter distances in a million directions. Which is also an indication of stretching too thin. How do you address such...
Organizational goal-setting, tracking, and measurement is one of the most challenging yet critical factors for a company's success. There are many methodologies available that delve into this topic from various angles. If you are serious, the OKRs framework is something you should explore, experiment, and tweak for your needs.
We can talk and dream about strategy till, as they say, cows come home. Delivering on the plan and informing and shaping the vision is a must for a business’ growth.

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