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11Confirmation bias in Product Discovery
Confirmation bias in product discovery is prevalent. Something convinced you, and now you're on a mission to prove it everywhere. Do you acknowledge it? And, what you do with it plays a key role in your level of success.
The all-important product discovery phase — don’t skip it. It’s a critical phase before you jump in and build the next great feature. A common mistake while building products is not making an explicit distinction between what you know (empirical) vs. what’s an assumption. As you can imagine, assumptions bite back. Sometimes, irrecoverably. The product...
Elephants don’t bite; it’s the mosquitoes you’ve got to be aware of.Book: The Compounding Effect Small and consistent improvements in your approach deliver big returns. More so, how you do anything is how you do everything. While some may think the suggestions below are common sense, I’m astonished to say they’re not commonplace. 100 percent...
Time and again, the question arises — how do I solve this problem? Pause. Before knowing whether the solution is worth pursuing, you want to answer whether the problem is worth solving. For this level of introspection to happen, a product manager has to delve into all the angles of the problem. So, catch yourself...
You did not even start working on your release, but do you imagine a future letter of appreciation? If not, perhaps you should consider adding this technique to your product discovery toolset. We don't want to be a feature factory, but an organization focused on outcomes, right?

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11Confirmation bias in Product Discovery