You did not even start working on your release, but do you imagine a future letter of appreciation? If not, perhaps you should consider adding this technique to your product discovery toolset. We don't want to be a feature factory, but an organization focused on outcomes, right?
The term PRD —Product Requirement Document— has gone out of favor for a while now. The waterfall approach to solution delivery and its usage of the PRD has a lot of drawbacks. But did we dump the good along with the bad? Let's explore.
There are several vocal voices in the Product and Growth areas strongly in favor of and against using personas. For the rest of us, just like everything else, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Let's get into it a bit more.
11User Personas Workshop
Every business deck mentions the value they provide to the customers. Is there a way to know whether that value resonates with the customers' wants? Spoiler: Pay close attention to customer motivations and the context. Let's explore.
11Organizational Decision Making
Decisions, decisions, decisions. We make a ton of them every week, many of them trivial. However, there is a tiny percentage of decisions that determine the next six months or six years. Not all of them are reversible without high costs, which raises the stakes high even further. There is every incentive for us in...

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