Your professional success is proportional to the leverage you have. How much of that do you have? But what is leverage? The dictionary provides the following definition — Leverage (n): “influence or power used to achieve a desired result.” Merriam-Webster dictionary So, to succeed in a given field, you need to find as much influence...
Outcome-based, measurable goals are essential to make a focused effort toward your goals. But, are there prerequisites and ground rules for any goal-setting approach to work? I think, yes. Firstly, from a product manager’s perspective, your three primary objectives are to shape, ship, and align. Shaping the product, shipping the product, and aligning with the...
11Organizational Decision Making
Decisions, decisions, decisions. We make a ton of them every week, many of them trivial. However, there is a tiny percentage of decisions that determine the next six months or six years. Not all of them are reversible without high costs, which raises the stakes high even further. There is every incentive for us in...

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