Surya Suravarapu

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It’s a journey

Hi, this is Surya.

Suppose your mission is to build great products, learn the craft, and share with others. You are at the right place, as that’s my goal too. The focus areas for this space are technology, tech-based products, product strategy, and management. You will also see sprinklings of practical philosophy.

I live in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia (USA), with my wonderful family.

With over two decades of product experience, my craft and passion are product strategy and management. I’ve donned many roles, from engineering to product management, delivering commercial-grade solutions. 

If everything that needs to be said is already said, there’s no point contemplating or writing about it. However, I’m writing here for myself. For me, writing clarifies my thinking. So, long-form writing it is. A networked thought — as we accumulate new information — transforms into knowledge. It requires a deliberate effort to synthesize information into understanding.

Join me on this journey of continuous learning and writing. Let’s connect and make it worthwhile!

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